Your network design should address each of the following requirements

| October 12, 2019

My campus has decided to enhance security by installing high-definition IP cameras throughout its campus network. After evaluating different products, the Cisco 4300 Video Surveillance camera was chosen as the standard. We recognizes that the additional camera traffic, along with its management, will require a major upgrade to the network infrastructure. I am asked to design a network switching infrastructure infrastructure that fully supports both the existing data traffic and the additional camera traffic according to the following requirements. Your network design should address each of the following requirements: 1. Must comply with the Cisco hierarchical design model; 2. Must provide physical, as well as logical, redundancy; 3. Must integrate 1Gb uplinks; 4. Must segment camera IP traffic from the existing network for security reasons; 5. Must support a minimum of 150 cameras; 6. Must utilize PoE for cameras to avoid the use of power bricks or power injectors; 7. Must provide sufficient bandwidth for full HD support; and 8. Must minimize rack space. UGH…I am so confused and dont even know where to begin! Any help would be appreciated!

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