Your marketing plan must be in essay format and include the appropriate headings.

| June 1, 2016

Your marketing plan must be in essay format and include the appropriate headings.
You will submit parts A through D of this Marketing Plan as we go through the course. Part E will be included as part of your final Marketing Plan submission.
Use Microsoft Word to create your marketing plan. Name your file: (Marketing Plan_Your last name) Upload this Word file via the Unit 5 final marketing project page.
Your Marketing Plan should be long enough to properly cover the outlined points. However, expect to end up with approximately 6-10 typed pages. You should have a minimum of six pages (Six pages using doubling spacing and a 12 point font, and not including any graphics, charts, tables, pictures).
Use APA style to format your paper.
Any graphs, charts, tables or pictures must be put into an Appendix at the end.
Include a cover page that contains the title of your plan and your name, course, date. Include a footer at the bottom of each page that includes your name and the date and the page number.
You should use at least four outside resources for this project. Three of these resources must come from the ECPI Online Library. Your sources must be valid, creditable resources. Wikis, such as Wikipedia, and blogs are not allowed.
Cite your sources for this project using APA format. (You must use in-text citation and include a reference page).
Please make sure you proof your file in addition to running spell check before submitting.
Part A: Mission and Objectives

This first part of the planning stage describes your overall plan. What is the purpose of your marketing plan? What is the organization’s mission statement? Explain what you think is your competitive advantage. What can you do better than your competitors?

Purpose of the Marketing Plan
Organization Mission Statement
Competitive Advantage (What is something that your firm can do better than its competition?)
Part B: Situational Analysis Using SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

The second part of the planning stage is the Situation Analysis. You identify the internal strengths and weaknesses and the external opportunities and threats. You begin by giving an industry analysis that forms the basis for the SWOT analysis.

SWOT Analysis

Part C: Identifying and Evaluating Opportunities Using STP

Begin the implementation phase of the marketing plan by segmenting, targeting, and positioning our product to take advantage of the market opportunities. Segmentation divides the markets into groups of customers who might be interested in the products offered to them. Targeting is the process of deciding which segments to pursue. Positioning is the process of determining how the company wants to pursue the target and how it wants to distinguish itself from the competition.

Market Segmentation
Target Markets
Part D: Implementing the Marketing Mix

In this fourth step of the process, you will implement the four Ps of the marketing mix: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place – for each product and service. This mix is based upon what the target market will value. You also determine whom you will allocate resources to your products and services.

Product and Value Creation
Price and Value Creation
Place and Value Delivery
Promotion and Value Communication
Note: At this point, a Financial Projections part would be included in a marketing plan; however, for this course project you are NOT required to include a financial section.

Part E: Evaluating Performance (include in your final submission)

This final part of your plan is the Control Phase. In this phase you will evaluate the results of your strategies and implementations using marketing metrics. This section of your paper should answer and address the following:

How will you determine if your goals and objectives are being met?
How will you determine success or failure?
Who is Accountable for Performance?
Financial Performance Metrics
Sales verse Profit (How will you measure sales against profit?)
Market Growth (How will you measure growth?)
Customer Relationships (How will you evaluate customer relationships?)
Social Responsibility (How will you measure your Corporate Social Responsibility?)

Include any additional information that you believe would be helpful. For example, you may want to include an organizational chart, a list of key personnel, maps, graphs, charts or data that might relate to your product and plans.

Important Note: For Parts B through D, when you submit your weekly work for the course project you must also include the changes you made to your previous week’s work (using your instructor’s feedback). For example when you submit your work for the Part B of the course Project, you will include the Part A with the changes in the same document.

You must submit Part E of this project as part of the final project submission.

Your marketing plan must be in essay format and include the appropriate headings.

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