Your document should: •

| August 11, 2019

Your document should: • Discuss the selection of mobile browser models, mobile OS’s and device manufacturers for your testing process • Discuss whether testing is required on actual devices and what part emulators/simulators can play in this process • Document functional and UI testing of the app. Financial Case & Commentary of Application Features  Your document should: • List the features you successfully implemented and those you were unable to successfully implement; you should describe the problem in a few sentences and also briefly describe anything you attempted to do to get it to work. Your approach to identifying and attempting to fix these bugs may gain you some partial credit for those features you were unable to implement.  • A description of any additional functionality you believe would be useful to add to this Website should be included. Explain what the features are and how they would help to improve the Website.  • Are there any ethical considerations in making this kind of service available? • Discuss the economic/financial case for the proposed system.

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