You work with a top tier, management consulting firm

| May 16, 2019

You work with a top tier, management consulting firm and you have joined Acme as a Project Analyst. Your primary focus is to put together a Consultant’s Report and Summary. However, your team is short staffed due to recruiting and onboarding challenges; you will have to help out in areas other than risk management such as organizing workshops, distributing minutes and updating status reports.

Assignment Deliverables

There are two key deliverables in Assignment 1:

1.    Consultant’s Risk Management Report (10 – 12 pages + Appendices)

2.    Consultant’s Risk Management Summary can either be a PowerPoint presentation (4 slides + title slide) or a Infographic Handout (1 page).

See the Rubric for criteria details.

Students are expected to review the Assignment 1 Notes and Assignment 1 Instructions to develop their individual report and presentation. Your task is to analyse the case study and create a Consultant’s Report and Consultant’s Summary about the status of the IT program risks. Be aware that like real projects, you may receive updated information about the project.


The audience for your submissions is the Acme management team including the C-Suite. The Consultant’s Report will form part of the program documentation. The Consultant’s Summary will be presented to the Acme Program Management Status Meeting at the end of the month with the Report as a supplemental handout.

Consultant’s Report

The recommended outline for the Part 1 Risk Management Consultants Report is:

3.    Title Page

4.    Executive Summary – provide a 1 page overview of your submission so that the reader can gain a good understanding of the document without having to read it.

5.    Background – provide an overview of the process you would take in real life to complete this assignment (e.g. who in Acme would you speak with? What documents would you want to review?).

6.    Risk Management – Use qualitative and quantitative techniques to identify, analyse and treat the risks and issues for each of the 8 IT projects.

7.    Conclusion – conclude your analysis.

8.    Next Steps – identify the next steps Acme should take to better manage their risks.

9.    Appendix 1: the Risk Register should be able to be printed for management’s review.

10.  Appendix 2: add any Supplemental Information that can help your submission.

Consultant’s Summary

The recommended outline for the Presentation or Infographic is a subset of the critical information that the C-Suite needs to make decisions (e.g. Next Steps).

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