You have just been selected as the Director of Human

| June 5, 2019

Congratulations! You have just been selected as the Director of Human Resources for a small growing company called Dynmatics Healthcare based in New Orleans. Dynmatics Healthcare is a small business that is growing by leap and bounds and provides Homecare Nursing and medical equipment for patients that are home bound. What started as a small concept is now expanding at a rate that is difficult to manage. The CEO of the company (Noreen Davis) along with one other partner have decided that the organization’s structure (which is primarily Davis) working as the Front-line supervisor, payroll clerk, and top sales agent) will not work in the future. Please consider the following as you write your paper.· What is important to you as you decide on the organizational structure? One of the factors will be that Davis must be willing to let go of many of the day-to-day responsibilities. This is important since the company is based primarily in Lousianna and the five-year plan will include expansion into neighboring states.· How will your sell the new structure to Ms. Davis and her partner? What do you think that they will be looking for? What fears do you believe that they will have?· Once the “green light” is given, what is your strategy for implementation? The key stakeholders are Davis, her partner, the home healthcare employees, and the patients.

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