You are required to write a 2,000-word (+/- 10%)

| March 17, 2019

You are required to write a 2,000-word (+/- 10%) essay on the implementation of contemporary HRM practices for a chosen company. The chosen company can be from any country and industry. Your reference list and appendix are not included in the word limit. The rationale for this assignment (as opposed to more traditional essay question format) is to assess your ability to apply the theories and models you have learned in the module to a real existing company. In your future careers as managers, you will be responsible for people issues in your team or organization and so, managing human resources is not just for the HRM department. Your essay must include and cover any three of the following topics which have been covered in the module: Strategic HRM process  Managing Performance  Learning & Development Managing Employment Relations & Careers  Managing Diversity & work You must address your chosen topics in critical depth. In practice, you will find that HR issues are not as neatly compartmentalized as textbooks and module outlines make them appear! You might also find that you may wish to draw on ideas and references from other related module topics too but take care not to try to cover too much or you will lack the required depth of analysis. You should ask yourself how the material you have learned can help understand the proposed topics involved. Your work should also include references to published research on the topics that your chosen company has identified that goes beyond the materials we have given you to read for lectures and classes.

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