You are part of an exclusive hotel group that has a strong reputation

| May 16, 2019

You are part of an exclusive hotel group that has a strong reputation for boutique luxury hotels in the capital city. Having recently disposed of a successful hotel in the capital, the directors wish to reinvest the funds by branching out to another large city within reasonable travelling distance of the capital city. Your team is responsible for the acquisition, refurbishment and opening of the new hotel. You have to acquire a suitable building, plan the capacity, services, d├ęcor and branding to launch the new hotel. It need not be an existing hotel, but has to have the potential for between 25 and 40 up-market rooms and suites in an area that assures a high level of occupancy.

Project Scope, Aims and Objectives
Review the assigned business case scenario and start to develop your definition of the scope, aims and objectives of the project.
No matter what your level of project management experience is, you will explore concepts that are similar in all projects. These concepts will help provide a foundation to understand the basics of what project management is and a baseline for you to move forward with the remaining units in this module.
To prepare for this Shared Activity:
Reflect on your readings from this unit, and note concepts that you are familiar with and concepts that are new to you; focus on the readings that cover the scope, aims and objectives of projects.
Reflect on your experience in managing projects:
Have you managed projects at work?
Have you managed projects in your personal life?
Review the scenario you were assigned.
Identify the project scope, and create aims and objectives for the scenario you were assigned

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