| February 13, 2016

Due Date: Monday, December 7
th in class.
Suppose that on a Sunday afternoon you are having a lunch with a friend who is
majoring in English literature (or any other non-economics field). He/she has never
taken any economics classes before. However, he/she is required to take Macroeconomics
class next semester. From your experience of a person who already has some
expertise in economics, answer each of the following questions of your friend.
I do not set up a particular requirement on the length of your answer to each
question. It is up to you to decide on this. Make sure that each of your answers is
sufficient, yet straight to the point. Please, number your answers in accordance with
the questions.
1. Considering the topics that you studied in macroeconomics
class, what are the most interesting areas (topics) of macroeconomics that I
will be studying? Why?
2. What are the main difficulties (challenges) that I will encounter
when studying macroeconomics?
3. Why would I need to draw a lot of graphs in this class? Isn’t it
enough to just use plain verbal statements not supplemented by graphs?
4. If you could only use 5 words or very short phrases to describe
what Macroeconomics is, which ones would they be?
5. In your opinion, what are the 3 main problems/challenges that
U.S. economy will face in 2016? Why?

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