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| October 22, 2018

Outlab6 – Intergalactic Navigation

Due: submit by midnight, Apr 23


Starfleet Federation has contracted you to
develop a new navigational system for the fleet. Ships must travel using known
routes that avoid asteroid belts. For simplicity, we will assume that space is
flat and that the locations of planets and bases are simply 2D coordinates in
the range [0.0, 1000.0].

Due to distortions in the time-space continuum,
the time it takes to travel between two points is not directly proportional to
the distance between them; there is a random multiplier that provides the
effective distance:
Effective_distance(x,y) = R * Actual_Distance(x,y)

where R is a random real number in the interval
[0.5, 5.0]. The effective distance between each pair of points should be

Asteroid beltsoccur at random locations and are modeled as disks with a certainradius.
You may assume that there are 10 asteroid belts in random locations with random
radii in the range [50,100]. Ships must not go through asteroid belts!

Assume that there are 25 planets and 10 bases
that occur in random locations (but not inside an asteroid belt).
Each planet or base should have a name, e.g. “Planet Nebulon”, “Tranquility
Base”, etc.
Your program should create the random asteroid
belt and base and planet locations and then prompt the user for a start and
final destination (either bases or planets). It should then provide navigation
directions in the following form:
0. Starting at:
Planet Nebulon
1. Go to:
Tranquility Base, effective distance 56.4, heading = 78.2 degrees
2. Go to: Planet
Bubblegum, effective distance 202.8, heading = 104.2 degrees
3. Go to: Base
Centrale, effective distance 245.9, heading = 240.6 degrees
4. Arrive at final destination,
Base Centrale

Required (20 pts)

• A working GUI-based Intergalactic Navigation
application that finds the shortest effective distance path between the given
start and end locations.
Optional (2 bonus pts)

• Provide a graphical view of the planets and
bases, and meteorite fields and display the requested path from start to

What to Turn In

Use D2L to submit your project
(in Netbeans). Running the main method in the project should launch your

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