Writer’s choice ( Meet all the requierments please)

| March 14, 2016

Writer’s choice ( Meet all the requierments please)
had finish my Discussion assignment but i want you just to write a responses for 4 students in my class discussion that i had attached in ( Students discussions ) i had put the whole assignment to help you know what was the discussion about and also i will attach the assignment where the students used and took information from. Please be comprehensive in the responses. i just want you to do Number 5 that was required because i finished my discussion.

What is Art?

What is Art – Discussion Assignment

NOTE: Be certain to be comprehensive in your responses in order to receive full credit. One to three sentence responses are NOT acceptable.
Following the readings and review of the questions I posed under the assignment, “What is Art?, please enter your personal observations and opinions with regard to the objects in the assignment below. View all of the images in the assignment and when viewing them, answer questions 2, 3, & 4 for your personal consideration and contemplation. Then you will complete the following:

1 – Choose 4 objects (I submitted) from the “What is Art” page and give your own perspective regarding whether you believe they are art or not.

2 – Discuss the specific elements and principles of design in each object. Describe how the elements are used to create the feelings you believe the artists are trying to convey in each object.

3 – What do you believe the creators / artists are trying to communicate through the visual imagery of their works?

4 – What do you notice now about the objects that you may not have noticed when you first looked at them?

5 – Post responses to 4 of your fellow students Discussion postings.

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