write a rhetorical summary for each article.

| September 12, 2019

write a rhetorical summary for each article.

Here is the guide for the rhetorical summary, please follow it.

Sentence 1: Author’s name, title of work and publishing information (in parentheses), an accurate verb, and a clause that contains the thesis statement/main idea of the work.

Sentence 2: Explain the arguments that support the thesis/main idea of the work, as well as the evidence the author uses to support those arguments.

Sentence 3: State the author’s purpose for writing the work.

Sentence 4: Describe the intended audience for the work. You can use the type of publication you found the work in to help you determine the audience. Sometimes authors even state the intended audience for you.

Sentence 5: the Credibility of the article and the writer.

then, give the MLA citation of them

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