Write a paper that presents and defends an optimal

| August 14, 2017

Write a paper that presents and defends an optimal performance appraisal system for your current position or for one you hope to hold within the next five years. (My current position is a customer service rep for a bank. I wish to hold an area manager position within the next 5 years, considering the fact that i’m still within banking). Using information from articles recommended by your faculty along with research you conduct, briefly explain the purpose you believe the appraisal should fulfill, the approach (focus on goals/results, on behaviors, on traits, or on some combination thereof), the methods, and the process that best fits the position. Explain how your recommended solution will ensure compliance with the five requirements(relevance, sensitivity, reliability, acceptability and practicality) and will help prevent legal difficulties and common rating errors. See the week 4 lecture for a summary of Cascio’s five requirements and of some of the most common rating errors.

Part I: As pre-work for this assignment complete an analysis of the requirements for your position, carefully review the assigned readings, and conduct additional research published in the Leading Business, Management, & Technology journals listed in Module III to help strengthen your understanding of the rationale for and characteristics of an excellent performance appraisal system. Refer also to lectures posted in Course Content for Week 4.

Part II: Personal self assessments: Review the results of previous self-assessments you have completed and incorporate findings from your reflections and analysis in the system you recommend.

Part III: Include the information below.

Title Page (APA style)



Briefly (one paragraph) describe the position and its key responsibilities.

Summary of Relevant Expert Knowledge (also known as a “theoretical framework”)

Summarize the main purpose and requirements of an effective performance appraisal system. This establishes and supports the criteria you applied when designing the appraisal system discussed below. Incorporate further support for key points with references to current relevant work published in the leading business and management journals (see approved list in Course Content Module III).

Proposed Performance Appraisal System

Describe and defend the approach, system, and methods you propose including attention to key requirements for an effective system, to potential legal issues, and protection against common issues and rating errors.


Summarize your conclusions and recognize any relevant limitations. Include a statement about the implications of your findings and conclusions for your career growth and development, referencing findings from your self-assessments.


Approximate report length = 2,000 wordsRybicsA. Research factors (15 points)

Finds and correctly incorporates and cites relevant and authoritative scholarly articles from the Leading Business, Management, & Technology Journals list. Information and sources are current, reliable, credible, and unbiased. Effectively uses information gleaned from research to support and/or illustrate key points.

B. Knowledge and critical thinking evaluation factors (60 points) –These are arranged by level of difficulty (easiest to most difficult). Good to exceptional proficiency is expected in all factors at the graduate level.

Describes information: Accurately represents information from readings, scholarly articles, and lectures.
Comprehends: Correctly interprets and explains the meaning and relevance of ideas.
Applies what has been learned: Effectively applies information to new situations or problems.
Analyzes: Recognizes patterns, inconsistencies, assumptions, and issues and their potential specific and broader implications.
Develops and presents logical arguments: Creates and supports arguments that avoid flawed logic, poor assumptions, etc.
Synthesizes: Recognizes connections between and among ideas and predicts possible outcomes.
Evaluates: Evaluates the merits of ideas using appropriate criteria.
Decides and recommends: Persuasively recommends sound and supportable actions derived from research and analysis.
Reflects: Thoughtfully reflects on lessons derived from research and analysis, including areas requiring further knowledge.
Offers insights and suggestions that are not only relevant but are also creative and indicative of strong independent thinking.

C. Writing/Presentation evaluation factors (25%)

Organizes ideas to help the reader and ensure understanding.
Writes clearly using standard English free of errors in grammar or syntax.
Properly uses APA formatting standards as outlined in the APA Manual.
Assignment meets word count requirements.

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