Working as a project team needs to be planned carefully.

| May 16, 2019

Working as a project team needs to be planned carefully. Consider a SWOT analysis based on any available information, assumptions and research. Consider a macro environmental analysis keeping in mind the relationships with potential third parties or external entities.  Present this section with an analytical review that addresses the following question, supported by your analyses: Is this project feasible and suitable for the organisation? 
2. Project organisation Organisational Structures: Consider a suitable project based organisational structure. Consider the relevance of interdependencies, economies of scale, organisation size etc. in selecting the suitable mixture.  How many locations are required by the proposed project? Reflect on location specific factors in recruiting personnel. Determine typical outsourcing processes and analyse how the recruiting process can occur.  Present with an analytical summary of the overall corporate requirements in the project organisation with justifications for your choices

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