WMBA 6000 Individual Assignment – Persuasion Paper

| June 4, 2016

WMBA 6000
Individual Assignment

Persuasion Paper

This assignment requires you to apply the concepts that you have been studying in this class to solve problems you might experience at work. Throughout your career you will face tough, challenging decisions regarding how to deal with, lead, and manage individuals, work groups, projects, or your organization as a whole. Making important decisions often requires gathering evidence in order to determine the best course of action. In addition, you must often convince others that your decision is correct.

You are to prepare a 4-5 page (12pt New Times Roman, single-spaced) persuasive paper in which you attempt to convince your (hypothetical or real) manager to take a particular action related to an organizational behavior or leadership topic. Your paper will be related to issues we discuss in class (or it can be related to anything you are interested in that is related to OB or leadership if you consult with me first).

Sample topics include: how to deal with a co-worker who is causing problems, why team-based rewards should be used instead of individual rewards, or why workplace diversity requires a change in the way your company socializes newcomers.

You can choose your current employer, a past employer, or even some organization you would like to work for some day. You can alternatively use someone else’s organization with whom you have discussed problems they have experienced or are currently experiencing. Since many of you will go on to take a management or leadership position soon, think of some potential issue that might arise that you will need to address and use this assignment as an opportunity to proactively prepare for dealing with the issue.

This paper should include a description of the problem or issue, one or more potential options, a detailed description of the specific option that you think is best, evidence to support why it is the best decision including theories and real world examples concerning of how the solution has worked in other organizations, and sufficient description of theories in simple terms understandable by someone who has not taken an OB or leadership course. Keep in mind that many bosses, yours included, may have little professional management training and even less knowledge of social science. The paper should also include a description of the possible outcomes, including best case scenario if the option is successful, worst case scenario if it fails, and what happens if nothing is done to correct the situation. In addition, the paper should include a step-by-step process for the implementation of the solution/decision that you recommend. All of this should be written in a professional and persuasive manner.

Criteria for evaluating your paper will be based on 1) how effectively you marshal the best evidence to make your case, including the proper application of Organizational Behavior theories, 2) the extent you have made your case in a strong, truthful, and persuasively convincing manner, including the potential best and worst case scenarios, and what happens if nothing is done, and 3) how well you create and describe the facts about particular issue or situation, and any aspects of the particular organization (again, real or hypothetical) in making your case, 4) the solution you propose, and 5) the professionalism of your writing in terms of language, style, and overall structure and flow of your rational argument.

You may include hyperlinks to online articles or print them out and include them if you think they would provide additional support to your argument. You may also include any other information (fake reports, diagrams, transcribed dialogue from a conversation, etc.) Feel free to be creative.

The form of the persuasive paper can be a memo, report, or formal letter. It can also be an executive summary for a project or a transcribed discussion with your boss. Again, feel free to be creative, but still make it professional.

Please ask me if you have any further questions.

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