WKU MGT498 Exam 1 done on summer 2015

| September 29, 2018

• Question
11 out of 1 points The
aircraft industry has long been dominated by two large aircraft manufacturers,
Boeing and Airbus. The demand for major aircraft is low, and Boeing and Airbus
aggressively compete for orders from airlines. What effect will these
conditions have on the domestic airline industry? • Question
21 out of 1 points New
entrants to an industry are more likely when • Question
31 out of 1 points When
firms analyze the external environment, they typically have complete and
unambiguous data. • Question
41 out of 1 points The
differentiation strategy can be effective in controlling the power of rivalry
with existing competitors in an industry because • Question
51 out of 1 points Above-average
returns are • Question
61 out of 1 points A risk
of the differentiation strategy is that the firm’s means of differentiation may
eventually not provide value for which customers are willing to pay. • Question
71 out of 1 points All of
the following are aspects of the political/legal segment of the general
environment EXCEPT • Question
81 out of 1 points A firm
should outsource only activities where it cannot create value or where it is at
a substantial disadvantage compared to competitors. • Question
90 out of 1 points The I/O
(industrial organization) model assumes that the uniqueness of a firm’s
resources and capabilities is its main source of above-average returns. • Question
101 out of 1 points The
three parts of the external environment which affect a firm’s strategic actions
are • Question
111 out of 1 points Compared
to tangible resources, intangible resources are • Question
121 out of 1 points Value
chain analysis is a tool used to • Question
131 out of 1 points Which
of the following explains, in part, why rivalry among McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and
Burger King is intense? • Question
141 out of 1 points When
implementing a focus strategy, the firm seeks to • Question
151 out of 1 points The
typical risks of a cost leadership strategy include • Question
161 out of 1 points Which
of the following is NOT a component of internal analysis leading to competitive
advantage? • Question
171 out of 1 points All of
the following are tangible resources EXCEPT • Question
181 out of 1 points Blind
taste-tests have shown that the taste of premium-priced vodkas and inexpensive
vodkas are indistinguishable even to regular drinkers of vodka. But the sales
of premium vodkas are thriving. This is an example of • Question
191 out of 1 points All of
the following are assumptions of the industrial organization (I/O) model EXCEPT • Question
201 out of 1 points ACME
Corp. is a leading provider of radios to the commercial market. Its products
all rely on printed circuit-board technology. ACME has protected its market
leadership with continued advancements in this technology, which it patents. A
competitor has developed a radio for this market with equal performance but
uses a software-based technology instead of circuit boards. ACME’s technology
leadership fails which capability test? • Question
211 out of 1 points Capital
market stakeholders include • Question
221 out of 1 points The
resource-based model of the firm argues that • Question
231 out of 1 points In the
airline industry, frequent-flyer programs, ticket kiosks, and e-ticketing are
all examples of capabilities that are ______ but no longer • Question
241 out of 1 points The
industrial organization (I/O) model argues that • Question
251 out of 1 points Compared
to tangible resources, intangible resources are an inferior source of core
competencies. • Question
261 out of 1 points To
provide a sustainable competitive advantage, a capability must satisfy all of
the following criteria EXCEPT • Question
270 out of 1 points The
legislation introduced in the U.S. Congress during the early tenure of the
Obama administration intended to reduce the amount of work U.S. companies
outsource and is an example of a potential change in the sociocultural segment
of the general environment. • Question
281 out of 1 points A
company using a narrow target market in its business strategy is • Question
291 out of 1 points Firms
should seek to continually develop new core competencies because all core
competencies guarantee above-average profit. • Question
301 out of 1 points GE’s
brand name is a tangible source of competitive advantage for the company. • Question
311 out of 1 points Firms
use the integrated cost leadership/differentiation strategy because • Question
320 out of 1 points According
to the five forces model, an unattractive industry would include all of the
following characteristics EXCEPT

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