WKU MGT498 Assignment 5 Ch5 Ex2 Smartphone First Mover Adv

| September 29, 2018

.wku.edu/webapps/assignment/uploadAssignment?content_id=_3576295_1&course_id=_118849_1&assign_group_id=&mode=view”>Assignment#5 Ch5 Ex2 Smartphone First Mover AdvPlease write 1-2 page answer to Exercise 2, Chapter 5, using smartphone as the target industry, and submit your answer to Blackboard by May 27, Wed.Please also post on the discussion forum #5 by May 28, Thu, to discuss your answer with the class. For Part I of the exercise, you can analyze the smartphone segment from 2007 on, using Apple (iPhone) as the first mover, Samsung (LG, etc.) as the second mover(s), Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi (and other emerging market producers) as the late movers. Or you can go back further into the history, and use Blackberry (developed by RIM) as the first mover. One paragraph of a brief summary of the industry is enough for this part. You can use the following references #6 (posted on BB) for industrial profile and major competitors.For Part II of the exercise, only two questions are required:Q1. Describe the competitive speed in this industry, e.g. is this a fast, standard, or slow-cycle market at the time the first mover initiated its product? (e.g. when Apple launched iPhone in 2007.)Q3. Identify one or two first movers, and evaluate whether it has been successful (in terms of market share, profit, growth potential, etc.), and explain why, using the concepts from the textbook as in the following references #2 , and/or supplementary concepts (optional) as in references #4&5.One or two paragraphs for each question is enough. Feel free to add answers to other questions.You will need to read the following material to prepare the answer (#1-3 are required, the rest optional; most of the optional material are summarized on Slide#27-30 in LectureNote#8Chapter5;all material are posted in BB if not in the textbook 10th and 11th edt.):1. The exercise from the textbook, Page 158;2. The textbook section on First mover benefits, Chapter 5, Section 5-5a, Page 146-148, in Hitt 11th edition;3. The textbook section on competitive dynamics and market type (slow, fast, and standard-cycle), Chapter 5, Section 5-7, Page 152-156, in Hitt 11th edition;4. Additional concepts in “KeyConcepts_FirstMoverAdv.docx”: Disruptive innovation, complementary asset, to explain when innovators (first mover) succeed and when followers (second movers) succeed;5. More on Disruptive innovation in “DisruptiveTech&Christensen.pdf”;6. Smartphone industry profile as published by IDC, “IDC_2014_smartphone-vendor&os-market-share.pdf”;7. Textbook illustration of the competition between Apple and Samsung (first mover vs. second mover), Page 85, “Strategic focus”, Ch2, Hitt 11th edition;8. WSJ report on the late mover Huawei, “WSJ_Aug2014_huawei-is-shaking-up-the-smartphone.pdf”;9. VF’s in-depth report on the patent war between Apple and Samsung (first mover vs. second mover);10. Business Insider’s report on smartphone market, esp. on later movers “BI_2014_SmartPhoneIndProfile.pdf”.

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