Wk 2 Disc 2 – Business Systems Analysis/Design

| August 31, 2017

Disc 2 – Business Systems Analysis/Design
Course Title is Business Systems Analysis/Design, not Information Systems

Discussion Week 2

Developers use the system development life cycle to map out a project from the planning phase to maintenance. In information systems, change is required to implement new software or hardware. How can the system development life cycle be used for changing from a brick-and-mortar store to creating an online presence?

A project manager can use project management to create a plan for change. What are some of the reasons a project may fail or succeed? What steps can be put into place to ensure success and limit failed attempts? Provide specific examples from the textbook or other sources to support your answer.


Please compose a 3-4 paragraph response to the questions above.

Follow the rubric requirements (attached).

Sources must be cited with APA format.

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