Why is the concept of ‘Corporate Governance

| October 14, 2019

Question 1
Why is the concept of ‘Corporate Governance’ important in the management of companies? Discuss this concept in relation to the need to have regulation in Australia. You should refer to all materials studied in class including the documentary “Meltdown.”

Question 2
Name and describe the key features of the five types of common business structures?

Question 3
(a) What is meant by the term “company review date”?
(b) How is it significant?                     

Question 4
a)     What is a company constitution and why is it important. Give an example of the type of decision that requires a company constitution to exist?     (2.5 marks)
b)     Are there any other ways in which a company can operate other than by having a constitution?                                     

Question 5
Are non-executive directors of listed companies in a more difficult position to carry out their duties, as compared to executive directors?                  

Question 6
What is the broad role of an auditor and how is an auditor appointed?
Question 7
Imagine that Kross Ltd had taken a majority shareholding in Limited Ltd and had nominated Muscow as a director of Limited. In the course of a board meeting, sensitive information that affected Kross Ltd was discussed. Would Muscow be able to pass that information on to Kross Ltd?
Question 8
Discuss the key causes of the corporate collapse of HIH Insurance?  What changes have been made to the law to reduce the risk of a similar corporate failure from occurring again?

Question 9
Define what is meant by the term promoter?

Question 10
What assumptions can a person make when dealing with a company?     

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