Who are the target audience for this marketing effort

| September 2, 2016

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I’m doing it about a software enterprise that began a system of training and qualification of its employees as part of a strategic plan to improve client service and reduce service time on helpdesk, development of the software, aiming at the satisfaction and loyalty of its clients.

Select a marketing initiative in an organisation that you could manage. Answer the
assessment tasks using this initiative and complete the tasks as you go.
1 – Who are the target audience for this marketing effort? What are the targets and
2 – Prepare a Critical Path Analysis, Gantt chart or other similar tool showing how all
aspects of the marketing effort will be integrated. Ensure points at which monitoring is
to be done are included. Discuss how these meet the strategic marketing objectives
of your organisation.
3 – How will you monitor the product, distribuition, pricing and marketing
communication policies in relation to:

Market changes
Marketing plan objectives
Organisational requirements

4 – Using marketing metrics state how you will monitor the overall marketing
progress against the performance targets to ensure that activity, quality, cost and
time requirements are met.

In preparation for the implementation of this marketing plan, you must communicate
the marketing objectives with all of those who will be involved. The following should
be detailed:
1 – How will you communicate the marketing objectives for this initiative across the
organisation? How will it be altered or adjusted to meet the needs of all levels of
knowledge, experience and specific needs of staff?
2 – who will identify the roles and responsibilities of all those involved in the
implementation and how will you gain agreement on this? What will you do if some
do not agree?
3 – What is your communication strategy to ensure that all personnel responsible for
each element of the marketing mix work together to meet the marketing objectives.
How will you make this strategy work?
4 – How will you support individuals and teams to achieve the agreed objectives and
use resources available to them to the required standard?
5 – How will you assess the individual and team performance and correct underperformance to keep on target for achieving objectives?

The marketing effort has now been planned and implemented. The evaluation must
now be completed to allow learning for future endeavours. Discuss the following:
1 – At each point that you planned to monitor, look at your objectives and goals at
that point and compare these with the actual results that you have achieved. Discuss
the results and any actions you took or revisions you made in response to your
2 – At each point analyse the success and performance gaps in terms of what
occurred and what was the result (cause and effect). Then discuss how you used and
will use in the future, this information to improve performance.
3 – At each point analyse any over-performance. Discuss how you identified these
and what impact they had on the marketing objectives and goals. What did you learn
about trends and how did you establish new targets? If there was no overperformance, discuss these issues as a contingency – what if it had happened? What
would you do and learn?
4 – At each point analyse changes that you identified and documented in market
phenomena. What impact did they have on the strategic marketing objectives?
Finally, review the overall marketing performance against the key performance

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