Which statement does not describe lymph

| February 14, 2018

Week 61. Which statement does not describe lymph?Lymph contains more plasma proteins than blood.Lymph is interstitial fluid that has entered lymphatic vessels.Lymph helps maintain the body’s fluid balance.Lymph can contain dietary lipids.2. Lymphatic capillariesare slightly larger than blood capillaries.have endothelial cells that overlap.begin in tissues carrying the lymph toward a larger vessel.All of these answer choices are true.3. The normal function of major histocompatibility complex proteins is tobegin the inflammation process.help T cells recognize foreign antigens.cause cytolysis of microbes.produce antibodies.4. These specialized cells ingest microorganisms and cellular debris.phagocyteshepatocytestransferrinsantibodiesplasma cells5. Any substance that the immune system recognizes as foreign is called a(n)antibody.antigen.immunoglobulin.opsonin.cytokine6. The cells that are most important in preventing a disease from recurring arememory T cells.helper T cells.plasma cells.suppressor T cells.natural killer cells.7. One important function of lymph nodes is tofilter the blood.program T cells to recognize antigens.filter foreign substances out of the lymph.pump lymph through the vessels back to the heart.remove old red blood cells from circulation.8. Which of the following is a characteristic of innate immunity but not adaptive immunity?Involves specific recognition of pathogens.Adapts to handle a specific pathogen.Acts against all types of pathogens in the same way.Slow to respond but has a memory component.Involves lymphocytes.9. Lymph is initially collected by thelymph nodules.lymph nodes.tonsils.lymphatic capillaries.afferent lymphatic vessels.10. Mother’s milk will provide the infant withnaturally acquired active immunity.naturally acquired passive immunity.artificially acquired active immunity.artificially acquired passive immunity.lifelong immunity.

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