Which of these types of information are not stored in the Windows registry?

| September 28, 2018

Select the best answer.
1. Which of these types of information are not stored in the
Windows registry?
a. hardware drivers
b. OS configuration data
c. application settings
d. user settings

2. Which of the following types of information is not
contained in a hard drive’s partition table?
Number of partitions present
Where each partition begins and ends
Which partition is the active partition
Which partition lists disable hardware interrupts

3. What is the I/O address range for the keyboard?
a. AA22-0066
b. 6660-00FF
c. 0060-006F
d. 523F-A006

4. A hardware interrupt is initiated by _____________.
a. a hardware device sending an IRQ to the CPU
b. a hardware device sending a CPU to the IRQ
c. the IRQ polling the CPU
d. a service request being sent
to the IRQ

5. A number assigned to physical memory located either in
RAM or ROM chips is called a __________.
a. I/O
b. DMA
c. IRQ
d. memory
addressFill-in-the-BlankWrite the word or phrase to fill in the blank in each
of the following questions. 1. The ROM BIOS startup program performs a ___________,
which involves surveying hardware resources and needs and assigning system
resources to meet those needs.2. The ___________ is the core of an operating system and the part of the operating system
that loads when you first turn on your computer.3. A __________
operating system allows you to work with two or more programs that reside in
memory at the same time. 4. ________are
small programs stored on the hard drive that tell the computer how to
communicate with a specific hardware device.5. In ________, an application has complete access to all
hardware resources, but in ________, the OS controls how an application can
access hardware.Matching TermsMatch the terms with their definitions.

__ 1. Device Manager

a. Windows NT/2000/XP boot loader program

__ 2. beep codes

b. a list of files and subdirectories

__ 3. Ntldr

c. IRQ of the system timer

_ 4. 0 (zero)

d. used by startup BIOS communicate errors during POST if
video is not yet available

_ 5. 3 (three)

e. operating system often used for server applications;
scaled-down version of Unix

__ 6. Linux

f. Windows 2000/XP utility that allows you to see the IRQ
assignments made to devices

__ 7. 4 (four)

g. program that is needed to locate the beginning of the
OS on a drive

__ 8. Mac OS

h. DMA channel used to cascade into the lower four DMA

__ 9. directory table

i. operating system only used on Apple Macintosh computers

__ 10. MBR (master boot record)

j. IRQ used by COM2

Short Answer
QuestionsWrite a brief answer to each of the following
questions. 1.
List four major functions of an OS.2. List
four ways to launch an application from the Windows desktop.3. What is the difference between a
hard boot and a soft boot? 4. What are the four main parts of the
boot process? 5. If, during the boot process, a
computer first looks o the hard drive for an OS before checking the floppy
drive, how do you change this boot sequence so that it first looks on the
floppy drive for an OS?

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