Which of these is not a system requirement for a Windows XP installation?

| September 28, 2018

Chapter 8 Exercises

Multiple Choice
Select the best

1. Which of these is not a system requirement for a Windows
XP installation?
a. 64 MB or higher of RAM
b. 2 GB free space on a hard drive
c. 1200 dpi laser printer
d. Pentium II 300 MHz CPU

2. Which of the following operating systems cannot be
upgraded to Windows XP Professional using the upgrade version of the software?
Windows XP Home Edition
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows Me
Windows 95

3. In which of these situations would you not perform
a clean install?
a. Your current OS, Windows 2000 Professional, has no
known issues.
b. You do not currently have an operating system
c. You are having problems with your current
installation of Windows Me.
d. You are planning a dual boot setup.

4. Which of the following tasks is not possible using Device
a. Find an update for a driver
b. Roll back a driver in case an updated driver fails
c. Determine if new models are available from the
d. Verify that the driver is certified by Microsoft

5. Which
file system does Windows XP not support?
a. FAT12
b. FAT16
c. FAT32

Write the word or phrase to fill in the blank in each
of the following questions.

1. The domain controller stores and controls a database of
user accounts, group accounts, and computer accounts called the ______________
2. A __________ is a logical group of computers and users
that share resources, where administration, resources, and security on a
workstation are controlled by that workstation.
3. When a computer is set up for a ______, the operating
systems are configured so that a user can boot the computer from one of two
different operating systems that are both installed on the same hard drive.
4. An ________has rights and permissions to all computer
software and hardware resources and is responsible for setting up other user
accounts and assigning them privileges. A user under a __________ cannot change most settings or delete
important files.
5. A ____________ is a single task that the process requests
from the kernel, such as printing a file. A __________ is a program or group of
programs that is running, together with the system resources assigned to it.

Matching Terms
Match the terms with their definitions.

__ 1.
Product Activation

a. an icon on the desktop that points to a program that
can be executed or to a file or folder

__ 2.

b. unique identification number included on the product

__ 3.

c. the area on the taskbar to the right of the taskbar
buttons; also called the system tray

__ 4.
product key

d. displays the structure of files, folders, and drives on
your computer

5. icon

e. small image on a computer screen that represents a
program, a document, or some other object

__ 6.
boot loader menu

f. hardware or software that protects a computer or
network from unauthorized access

__ 7.
My Computer

g. describes applications listed at the top of the Start

__ 8.
notification area

h. a group of networked computers that share a centralized
directory database of user account information and security

_ 9.

i. asks you to select an operating system on system set up
with a dual boot

__ 10.

j. used to prevent copying and sharing of a Microsoft
software product

Short Answer Questions
Write a brief answer to each of the following
1. Describe at least
ten features of Windows XP.
2. List at least five
things you should do before installing Windows XP.
3. Explain the purpose
of the File Settings and Transfer Wizard, and briefly describe the steps
involved in using it.
4. Briefly define and
describe a clean install and an upgrade install.
5. Describe two ways
to check hardware and software compatibility for Windows XP. What steps should
you take if you learn that software or a hardware device is not Windows XP

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