Which of these devices does not have to be installed before you can boot the system to confirm that motherboard BIOS

| September 29, 2018

Chapter Exercises

Multiple Choice
Select the best

1. Which of these devices does not have to be
installed before you can boot the system to confirm that the motherboard BIOS
starts POST?
a. mouse
b. power supply
c. processor
d. RAM

2. Which of these is not a reason to coil and tie up the cords inside of a computer case?
a. prevents cords
from reducing airflow
b. makes the inside
of the case less cluttered
c. prevents cords
from obstructing fans
d. helps the flow
of power

3. When using serial ATA and parallel ATA,
which operating system does not support up to six IDE drives?
a. Windows XP
b. Windows NT
c. Windows 2000
d. Windows Server 2003

4. In what type of configuration is one end
of the audio cord connected to the CD drive and the other end connected to the
a. when sound support is embedded on the
b. when no sound
card is installed
c. when using a
lower speed CD-R drive
d. when using an AT

5. What would have happened if you had
attempted to install regular DIMMs on a motherboard, instead of the DDR DIMMs
the board supports?
a. The motherboard would have been damaged
when it was first turned on.
b. No damage would have occurred, but the
system would not have booted correctly.
c. Regular DIMMs are notched differently than
DDR DIMMs, so you would not have been able to put the DIMMs in the RAM slots.
d. Regular DIMMs are shorter than DDR DIMMs,
so you would have recognized they would not fit on this motherboard when you
tried to install them.

Fill in the Blank
Write the word or
phrase to fill in the blank in each of the following questions.

1. An upgrade generally is appropriate if the cost of the
upgrade cost does not exceed _____ the value of the current system.
2. __________ are
installed in the holes on the bottom of the case, to keep the motherboard from
touching the case and possibly shorting.
3. While working on a computer, always remember
to wear a __________ on your wrist.
4. When choosing
between a desktop, tower, or notebook, keep in mind that ________ cases
generally have more drive bays and expansion slots for adding new devices.
5. The video card
should be installed in the _______ slot.

Matching Terms
Match the terms
with their definitions.

__ 1.
floppy drive cable

a. component that fits around the AGP slot and helps to
stabilize the video card

_ 2. beep

b. PC manufactured by a well-known company with a widely
recognized name

__ 3.
retention mechanism

c. a PC assembled by a local company with parts manufactured
by several companies

__ 4. real-time clock RAM

d. two-wire bus
used for communication with devices on a motherboard

__ 5. hard-disk loading

e. cable has a
twist in it

__ 6. bundled

f. used by startup
BIOS communicate errors during POST if video is not yet available

_ 7. I/O

g. metal plate
that fits over motherboard ports to create an enclosure around them

__ 8. clone

h. pre-installing counterfeit or pirated software

__ 9. SMBus

i. software already installed on the computer when you
purchase it

__ 10. brand name PC

j. another term

Short Answer Questions
Write a brief
answer to each of the following questions.
What are the advantages of buying a well-known,
brand-name computer? What are the advantages of buying a less-expensive PC
List three reasons why you might want to build
your own PC and three reasons why you might not want to build your own PC.
List the twelve general steps involved in
assembling a PC.
List several steps to take to maximize the
performance of your current computer before considering an upgrade or a new
computer purchase.
If you plan to purchase a new PC, what questions
should you consider regarding service, support, and documentation?

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