Which item is not a field replaceable unit (FRU) on newer motherboards?

| December 10, 2017

Chapter 3

Multiple Choice
Select the best

1. Which item is not a field replaceable unit (FRU) on newer
a. CPU
b. CMOS battery
c. system bus
d. RAM

2. A CPU that uses one voltage for external operations and
another for internal operations is considered a ______ CPU.
a. single voltage
b. cross rail design
c. expansion voltage
d. dual voltage

3. ________ is a small amount of static RAM that provides
faster access to data and instructions than other types of memory.
a. fast memory
b. memory cache
c. level memory
d. dynamic RAM

4. Which of these is not
a category of cargo carried over a bus?
a. control signals
b. memory addresses
c. data
d. IRQs

5. Which of these components is not used to keep a CPU cool?
cool sinks
heat sinks

Write the word or
phrase to fill in the blank in each of the following questions.

1.The CPU contains three basic components: a(n)________
unit, one or more _________, and a(n) __________.
2. A bus that works in sync with the CPU and the system
clock is called a __________.A bus
that works asynchronously with the CPU at a much slower rate is called an __________.
3. An _____________ is a basic set of commands permanently
built into the CPU chip to perform fundamental operations, such as comparing or
adding two numbers.
4. The design of a processor’s packaging is defined by the
________ or _______ used to connect it to the motherboard.
5. __________ processors have larger instruction sets and
generally run more slowly, because it takes more steps to accomplish a simple
operation. ________ processors have fewer instructions but run more quickly.

Matching Terms
Match the terms with
their definitions.

_ 1.
ZIF sockets

a. the first expansion slots on early PCs

_ 2.
ISA slots

b. metal plate that fits over the ports on the back of a
computer case

__ 3.
Firewire bus

c. bus used to connect slow I/O devices such as a mouse

_ 4.

d. very fast bus often used for downloading video from a
camera to the computer

_ 5.

e. material used to protect chips and provide connectors
of a standard size and shape

_ 6.

f. a clip-on device with fingers or fins that pull the
heat away from the CPU

__ 7.

g. pegs that separate the motherboard from the case

_ 8.
heat sink

h. socket with a small lever to lift CPU up and out of the

__ 9.
processor speed

i. the speed at which the CPU operates internally, often
measured in MHz

__ 10.

j. dedicated bus between the chip set on the video card
and the CPU

Short Answer
Write a brief answer
to each of the following questions.

1. Name at least eight components that
are contained on a motherboard.
2. What is bus speed and how does it
relate to the system clock? Why do the buses on a motherboard operate at
different speeds?
3. What is one reason to flash BIOS?
What is the easiest way to obtain the latest software to upgrade BIOS?
4. List several types of form factors.
What is the most popular type of form factor for PCs today?
5. Describe the basic steps required to
install a new motherboard in your computer.

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