When trying to comprehend the persistence of racial and ethnic

| August 31, 2017



When trying to comprehend the persistence of racial and ethnic inequality, social scientists find it useful to think in terms of social and cultural capital. French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu popularized the terms social and cultural capital to refer to assets that are not necessarily economic but have an impact on economic capital for one’s family and future. Less cultural and social capital are passed on through generations which can make it difficult to overcome deficits. Racial and ethnic minorities reproduce disadvantage while Whites are more likely to reproduce privilege.

Respond to the following

Define cultural and social capital and provide examples.
Describe why White Americans are less likely to be concerned with social and cultural capital.
How important do you find social and cultural capital to your family and future?
Social Capital

Cultural Capital

AND #2

Has America Entered a Post-Racial Era?

We were told in our reading this week that there have been certain points in recent history where racism was declared for all intents and purposes gone, but even the most casual observer of the news can recount episodes of intolerance, hate crimes, and veiled racism in opposition to immigration, affordable housing, and education reform (Schaefer, 2015). Our question this week will be, has America entered a post-racial era? Our text refers to the common expression, is the glass half empty or half full? How do you see racism in America? Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? Please respond to the following points in your responses this week:

Did Obama’s presidency make life easier for people of color? Why or why not?
How do popular culture representations from music, comedy, and TV programming complicate the issue?
What responsibilities activists, politicians, and educators bear in advancing the discussion on race in our country

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