When the water moves faster there is more

| March 14, 2016

When the water moves faster there is more ________, and where the water moves slower there is more ______.
Select one:
a. erosion; deposition
b. deposition; transportation
c. transportation; erosion
d. deposition; erosion
e. weathering; mass movement

Glaciers erode the landscape through
Select one or more:
a. none of these
b. abrasion
c. deposition
d. ice regulation
e. the snow line

Which of the following is not a reason why the Amazon has so much water:
Select one:
a. It runs through the subtropical low
b. These are all reasons why the Amazon is so wet.
c. It is surrounded by continental divides
d. It is at its base level
e. It is in the largest drainage basin in the world

For mass movement to happen, which of the following need to occur?
Select one:
a. the slope must be steeper than its angle of repose
b. the cohesiveness of the dirt needs to decrease
c. weathering
d. all of these

An ox-bow lake is created because the __________ of a curve flows faster than the _______ of a curve.
Select one:
a. hydrolysis; hydration
b. inside; outside.
c. transportation; deposition
d. outside; inside
e. deposition; transportation

Large rivers are found
Select one:
a. along continental divides
b. only where the water isn’t blocked by a dam
c. in large drainage basins
d. in ox-bow lakes

Which of the following were created by glaciers?
Select one or more:
a. the Great Lakes
b. V-Shaped Valleys
c. The Andes Mountains
d. U-Shaped Valleys

The green color of the Statue of Liberty is the result of __________, which is a form of __________ weathering.
Select one:
a. solution; chemical
b. carbonation; physical
c. crystallization; chemical
d. oxidation; chemical
e. oxidation; physical

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