When Hamdi Ulukaya and his employees worked

| June 14, 2018

1.When Hamdi Ulukaya and his employees worked for 18 months to create the purest cup of Greek yogurt possible, his team was creating a new ______________.placeproductpricepropertypromotion2.Unlike most yogurts, which are packaged in cone-shaped cups, Chobani yogurt is packaged in a shorter, wider circular European style cup. Ulukaya chose this style of packaging to:drive down packaging costsutilize more recycled materials in the packagingincrease the shelf life of the yogurtfacilitate the shipping of the productmake Chobani stand out on the shelf3.Chobani can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media networks. Marketers use social media to communicate with the Chobani consumers, making social media a part of Chobani’s _________ strategy.placepriceproductpropositionpromotion4.Chobani has instituted a high-touch model that focuses on positive interactions with its customers, including handwritten personal notes of thanks from its consumer loyalty team. Developing long-term loyalty in its customers is a critical task in ___________ through which all parties enjoy long-term benefits.societal marketingtransactional marketingrelationship marketingsrganizational marketingsocial marketing5.The 3.5 ounce snack line, Chobani bite was developed for adult consumers as a “mindful indulgence” while the Chobani Champions cups and tubes were developed for children. Adult consumers and child consumers are two distinct ___________, for whom Chobani developed different marketing mixes.economic treatmentstarget marketsmarketing mixesenvironmental forcesorganizational buyers6.Hamdi Ulukaya’s commitment to donate 10percent of his profits to charities worldwide reflects his belief that business can do good in the world. This commitment shows how Chobani embraces the _______, satisfying the needs of consumers in a way that also provides for society’s well-being.profit-driven marketing conceptcustomer experiencebreadth of marketingsocietal marketing conceptdepth of marketing

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