what you have learned in this clas

| February 14, 2018

Based on what you have learned in this class, write an essay that identifies and explains three sustainability problems, lists ways you can personally make lifestyle changes that will specifically impact each problem, and notes personal tradeoffs or challenges associated with making each lifestyle change. For example, climate change triggered by human produced greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide is a growing sustainability problem for a number of reasons. What types of lifestyle changes can you make (or have you already made) to diminish your carbon footprint? The “personal choices” boxes at the end of each textbook chapter provide a good sample of lifestyle changes that you can adopt. What are the personal tradeoffs that you have or will encounter with these lifestyle changes?You must answer within a word-count (no less than 200 words, maximum count 400 words for entire Short Answer), citing material from the course content (textbook or videos), and using proper English grammar. A minimum of three references from the course content is required to support your ideas (NOT including the personal choice boxes at the end of each chapter) – use these references to identify and explain a sustainability problem. For text references, you must provide author and page number(s), as example: (Karr et al., p.57). If you cite video references, you must provide video name with a minutes:seconds timestamp, as example: (The Future of Food: A Looming Crisis, 33:54) Outside-course citations may be used for extra points but will not be counted towards the three required. Do NOT cite Wikipedia in this assignment, or ever.In Blackboard, you should see a link to open a content area. Type your assignment into this area, or copy and paste into this area from a word document. You may submit this Short Answer 2 anytime up until 11:59pm on April 19th. Do not put this in a word document and attach it. Do not e-mail. Write your short answer in a word document, copy it, and paste the text directly into the assignment section. If the formatting is off, don’t worry, as long as you have the word count, grammar and spelling, and you properly answer the question, I won’t delete points if the formatting is off (this occasionally happens when you copy and paste).To score well on this assignment, be sure to include the following for each one of your 3 sustainability problems/lifestyle changes:1. Identify a sustainability problem and explain WHY it is a problem, specifically citing course material to support your case. Referencing chain reactions in complicated human-environment systems will help support your case.2. Identify a lifestyle change that you can make to help address this problem, and explain why it addresses the problem.3. Identify a personal tradeoff associated with making this lifestyle change, based on your personal orientation, schedule, etc.Satisfying the above requirements will total 140pts, to just meeting minimum assignment requirements. For those who want to go above and beyond to earn the full 150pts possible:8pts if providing an extra lifestyle change2pts if providing additional citationsWriting quality is an important part of this assignment. Points will be deducted if necessary as follows:-5 poor grammar-10 typos/spelling errors

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