What will benefit the people for voting conservative

| February 25, 2017

Hello Seemon, I posted this answer that you made for me .. One of the student responded to the post with this questions Since I did not what you are talking about may I get a response back for her to understand what you are talking about .

What will benefit the people for voting conservative? What does this really mean? I know that the candidates will make promises to the people, what is some that is being made to get the votes of people?

My answer you provided me last week. Topic 1: Political Advertisements

Directions: “Ignoring Harper, Conservative ad asks people to “Vote Conservative””
Provide a brief summary of the political advertisement.
TV and radio type of media is the advertisement.
This advertisement disseminated the potential as well as reap the profits of the internet as an extra medium in communicating to the spectators and broadcasting information to the aim consumers
The message is decreased to imploring Canadians to “Vote Conservative”
If possible:
$2.5M expensive was this advertisement campaign.
LAGUBARU paid for these advertisements.
Analyze the content and purpose of the advertisement.
The techie-savvy youth audience/demographic?
The Conservatives had extra votes than LABOUR, mainly who had four extra seats. Is the argument?
Yes, the advertisement effective or ineffective?
Overall, yes this advertisement help or hinder the political process.
A link for the advertisement. “https://lagubaru.zep.pw/vi/xSAANx5Osu8”

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