What statement is NOT true regarding

| March 13, 2016

could you held with these review questions?

1- What statement is NOT true regarding the peripheral nervous system (PNS)?

B) The dorsal root of the spinal nerve transmits afferent information to the spinal cord
C) The somatic division of the PNS refers to the innervation of the internal organs of the body
D) The autonomic nervous system is a branch of the visceral efferent division of the PNS

2- What is not a symptom of diabetes mellitus?

A) Polydipsia

B) Polyphagia

D) Polydrosis

3- Grey matter of nerve tissue is a region or collection of nerve cell bodies whose main function is to transmit nerve impulses from one region of the nervous system to another?

A) True

B) False

4- Which statement is true regarding the neuron synapse?

B) Neurotransmitters can be degraded by enzymes within the synaptic cleft to terminate its effect
C) A neural synapse consists of dendrites on a preganglionic neuron and the axon terminal of a

postganglionic neuron
D) The preganglionic and post ganglionic neurons physically touch

5- Which endocrine hormone influences the uterine contractions during pregnancy and stimulates breast milk ejection during breast-feeding?

A) Luteinizing hormone

C) Aldosterone

D) Oxytocin

6- Which statement is true regarding action potentials?

A) The generation or creation of an action potential does not depend on the strength of the stimulus a

neuron receives
C) Action potentials travel slower in myelinated axons
D) An action potential once started, cannot be stopped or negated

7- Which statement is NOT true regarding myelin sheaths?

A) The spaces between each myelin sheath is referred to as the “Node of Ranvier”
B) Myelin sheaths allow for action potentials to be transmitted faster within the dendrites of neurons
D) Collections of myelin sheaths within the nervous system give nerve tissue a white appearance,

which is referred as white matter

8- What sense organ allows for detection of the position of the head in the gravitational field?

A) Olfactory bulb
C) Macula
D) Spiral organ

9- What is not a function of cerebrospinal fluid?

B) Provide buoyancy to the brain and spinal cord
C) Assist in the protection of the central nervous system
D) Help transmit electrical impulses within the central nervous system

10- What statement is NOT true of epiphyseal plates?

A) If active, allows for continued longitudinal (lengthwise) growth of bone
B) Found in the epiphysis region of long bones
D) Typically close around the age of 12 years of age

11- Which statement is NOT true of dendrites?

A) The are found on all neurons
B) They transmit information to other neurons and/or cells
C) Some neurons have hundreds to thousands of dendrite branches

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