What is your opinion about the number of employment laws

| September 12, 2018

US employment Law question- Please assist with current and up to date information. Proper grammar and English please. Thank you.QUESTION NUMBER 1 What is your opinion about the number of employment laws? Are there too many? How does the number of laws affect compliance with those laws? Are some more necessary than others? Which ones do you believe are the critical few employment laws? Why? Are there some that seem excessive from your experiences? Is employment law really necessary; why can’t society rely on the goodness of employers to do the right thing with their employees? Can we trust employers to treat their employees with dignity and respect at all times? After all, if an employer mistreats an employee, the employee can quit and find another job. Why isn’t this the solution to so many laws?QUESTION NUMBER 2 What if the employer makes a mistake in classifying a worker; what could happen to the employer; are there any basic principles that an employer could use to make a “good-faith” attempt to properly classify a worker? Briefly list these. Is there any way to be pro-active and potentially avoid a mistake?QUESTION NUMBER 3 How do you feel about the concept of at-will employment? State your opinion and explain why you feel the way you do. Is this a “fair” and “just” employment concept? What is the “flip-side” of the argument that this is a fair and just concept, that is, if the employer can fire you at any time, for any reason that is not illegal, is there a flip-side of the argument that works in your favor as an employee? If the employer does not even have to give you a reason for your termination, how does this benefit you to learn a lesson that you will not repeat on the next job? In other words, how can you improve? By the way, why are employers reluctant to give you a reason why they are firing you? Finally, are there any options to at-will employment? Should we just do away with it? If so, is there anything to put in its place?

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