What is the role of a project manager and program manager?

| October 3, 2018

1. Answer
the module review questions listed below.
Each question for part 1 should be answered in paragraph format:

What is the role of a
project manager and program manager? What are the skills, knowledge, and
abilities required to be a project manager?

Name five critical
success factors and why they are important to the success of a project.

What role can the
company executives play in an implementation? What is “scope creep” and why is
it important to manage during an ERP implementation?

What are the steps in
business process re-engineering? And why is BPR important in an ERP

What does the
organizational project management maturity model do for a company’s ERP
implementation, and what are the steps involved in OPM3?

2. Review
5 to 10 job advertisements for a project manager role/position from any
source. Afterwards answer the following
questions. Each question for part 2
should be answered in paragraph format:

Write a report that
includes the references to the job ads you reviewed.

Describe the positions
you reviewed.

Summarize the skills and
competencies required for the positions listed.

3. Answer the following
discussion here in part 3 in a one to two pages summary:

What are
some of the effective tools you may use to reduce resistance to system change
and increase awareness of your ERP implementation plans? Share your experience
if you have been through a computer system implementation or change before.
Support your answers with examples and rationale.

4. Oracle
provides ERP solutions for mid-size business organizations. For this
assignment, you are to write a research report on these ERP solutions. Your
report should include:

a description of Oracle
key ERP systems

a description of each

a list and description
of each associated models

the intended purpose of
each ERP and model(s)

pricing, and other
relevant technical and functional data.

At the
end of the report, create a separate section and write your own reflection of
the solutions provided.

report for question 4 should be a minimum of three (3) pages, include proper
references, and use current APA formatting.

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