What is the GICS Sector,

| October 14, 2019

1. What is the GICS Sector, GICS Industry Group and GICS Industry of your company? (1 mark) 2. What is the total market capitalization of your company? (1 mark) Hint: This information should be available on the main page of your company. 3. In your own words describe the main business of the company. ( 2 marks) Hint: After you go to you company page, on the left you will find “business summary” from the list. Please summarise it in your own words. Do not copy from the web page. 4. What is the market risk (beta) of your company? (1 mark) 5. What is the market risk of the industry your company belong to? (1 mark) 6. Is your company more or less risky than its industry counterpart? Explain in your own words.(2 marks) 7. What is the 5 year holding period return (total shareholder return on the Datanalysis webpage) for your company? (1 mark) Hint: Answers to Q3-Q6 will be available on the “Key data” tab on the left of the page. 8. How old is your company? (1 mark) Hint: go to “Co. History and Listing Details” tab on the left.

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