What is the difference between autolysis and apoptosis?

| May 7, 2018

Apoptosis,Autolysis,Necrosis and Phagocytosis.
1. It is a form of programmed cell
death in multicellular organisms. It involves specific biochemical chain of events.
2. It is a type of Programmed Cell Death (PCD)
3. It occurs in multicellular organisms.
4. It includes cell
changes such as blebbing , cell shrinkage,
nuclear fragmentation , chromatin
condensation , chromosomal DNA
fragmentation , and global mRNA decay.
5. Apoptosis cannot stop once it has
begun, it is a highly regulated process.
6. It is intentional process.
7. It occurs in body all the time
1. In this process cell eats itself.
2. It occurs due to injury or infection.
3. It generally not happen in healthy tissues.
4. It is a biological process of cell self destruction.
5. In this process lysosomal enzymes are responsible for cell destruction.
1. It is a premature death of cells in living tissue by autolysis due to cell injury or infection.
2. Necrosis results due to infection, toxins or trauma.
3. It is considered to be harmful and may be fatal.
4. The necrotic tissues are surgically removed by the process called debridement .Untreated necrosis may cause gangrene due to decomposition of dead tissues.
1. Phagocytosis is a type of endocytosis.
Endocytosis is a process through which a cell
absorbs a particle, molecule, bacterium, or
other type of matter by engulfing it.
2. It is a part of immune system
3. It is performed by macrophages and other Antigen presenting cells
4. The process also include antigen processing and presentation.
5. This process is important for immune system.
6. Lysosomal enzymes are involved in destruction of foreign particle.

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