What is a network or non-state actor

| March 14, 2016

This assignment is a take-home essay consisting of 5 questions, 2 pages total, to test knowledge and assimilation of the course objectives. Please use at least three sources. Exclusive use of the course materials is required.

Please answer all five questions below in a paragraph format by listing the number followed by your answer. I recommend using the MEAL plan to organize your paragraphs. For more information, please check out this link: http://twp.duke.edu//uploads/assets/meal_plan.pdf. Please cite your sources using the reference list format within the Turabian citation style. Please review your work for errors before submitting it and ensure that it is grammatically correct. Your submission should be no more than 2 pages in length.

1. What is a network or non-state actor?
2. Why is terrorism hard to define?
3. Why do uncivil networks form?
4. What is human trafficking?
5. Why don’t stronger arms control norms exist?

Please note that all assignments should be written in Word and uploaded as attachments within the Assignments section of the classroom. Use 12 pt. font and single-space. Be sure to put your name and class information on the document and put your name on the file. Insert page numbers.

If you are unable to do so please let me know so I can open it up to others. You did a great job for me last time and I would like to use you again .

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