What did Rousseau mean when he referred to man being born free yet in chains?

| December 28, 2015

What did Rousseau mean when he referred to man being born free yet in chains? What do you think our chains are today?

The Scottish referendum has led to pleas for devolution of power to smaller communities; could this permit rule following the general will, aiming at the common good?

What is induction? What is the problem of induction identified by Hume?
Use Kant’s ideas of state rights and state duties to analyse any current conflict. You could, for example, use it to argue whether we should deploy ground troops in Iraq and Syria
Mandatory Journal Entry 2 Deadline: 5th January 2016 Midday
In no more than 600 words, using APA referencing throughout, address the following question (THIS IS NOT AN ESSAY – JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION). Look at the marking grid below and make sure that you address the criteria
Why should we obey the state? Some thinkers suggest that it is a contractual obligation, others suggest that there are moral reasons and some have alternative, pragmatic explanations. Illustrate these three perspectives referring to relevant thinkers.
Roughly 600 words
Yes No
Objective fully met Objective nearly met Objective only partly met Objective not met at all
Entry has a succinct focus on the question / task

No significant errors of fact

No unsupported interpretations / analyses

No significant amounts of irrelevant material

Includes quote(s) from primary sources as well as other citations (e.g. from commentaries) in the entry

Fair attempt at using APA referencing throughout

Fair spelling, grammar and syntax (taking account that this is essentially a blog)

General Comments:

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