week9 assignment

| August 13, 2017

Last week, we covered the use of OOSAD and UML in mapping processes and workflows. This week, we’ll look at how these techniques can be used for developing a user interface (UI) that is attractive, easy to use, that hides systems complexity and meets business/user needs. I think of all systems development activities, the UI is among the most important. After all, if the UI is not user friendly then people will not use the application. This is reflected in how the UI has become a differentor among smartphone vendors. We have come to expect video, touch screens and speech recognition.For decades, researchers have tried to create user interfaces (UIs) that more-closely reflect human communication. We have moved from command line to graphical user interfaces to today’s rich smartphone and tablets as well as website applicatons such as UMUC’s LEO. Enablers of different UIs have been more available processing power and memory, lower costs, smaller size as well as vendor differentation. As we have become more comfortable with and more sophisticated in the use technology, we have come to expect more from computer interaction (input and output).So, how do UML and OOSAD impact UI? UI is a natural for the prototype process because working models are designed and changed several times with feedback from users. The UI follows the SDLC from planning (feasiblity studies) to analysis (interviews) to designing specs for screens, icons, audio as well as forms. Once the designs are agreed upon, development work starts…and depending upon the methodology followed, users provide feedback here too.And UML is also a natural for UI development. In developing a UI, one can quickly get lost in the details of the UI and not see the bigger picture of the output and input relationships and interactions needed within the UI. Storyboards, interface-flow diagrams, windows navigation diagrams, and context-navigation maps let you model the relationships and ask the right questions. Indeed, asking the right questions and mastering UI development has lead many organizations to hire UI specialists. For an example of using UML for an Android smartphone application, see .uml-diagrams.org/examples/android-uml-examples.html”>http://www.uml-diagrams.org/examples/android-uml-examples.htmlSo enjoy the week on UI. WEEK 9 ASSIGNMENT: Week Nine: YouTube AssignmentCreate a 10-minute video on OO analysis and UML which you will upload to Youtube. Pretend you were giving your boss a presentation on OOSAD and how it can be used to develop interface designs specs for a new accounting system. Include challenges of traditional software development, principles of OOSAD and an example using UML. Post the URL in the assignment dropbox. No need to download the presentation to the dropbox. Have fun with the assignment. Be creative.If for job reasons you can not do a video, email me a Powerpoint presentation.

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