Week4 HUM303

| September 28, 2018

Course Project: Annotated Bibliography (Part II, Three new Annotations required)
Annotated Bibliography Assignment:This
week (Part II) you are to create a complete Annotated Bibliography for 3
academic scholarly sources, which include your introduction and thesis,
publication details, and the annotation (see below for examples of each
component). In week 4, you will complete this process for 3 additional
sources. A total of 5 academic-scholarly sources are required for
completion of your final research project.Scholarship means thatthe author has a Ph.D. or other terminal degree,the work appears in a multi-volumed, peer-reviewed journal,and has ample references at the end.Good annotationscapture publication details,offer a student introduction and thesis, anda detailed reading of the source, covering the following:Offers the student’s introduction and thesis to the best extent s/he knows it at this point in time,Summarizes key points, andidentifies key terms (using quotation marks, and citing a page in parentheses);Locates controversies or “problems” raised by the articles;States whether the student agrees or disagrees and gives reasons;Locates one or two quotations to be used in the final research project; andEvaluates the ways in which this article is important and has helped the student to focus his/her understanding.

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