Week 2 Discussion

| June 11, 2016

Debating Inclusion

“Although often confused, the terms inclusion and least restrictive environment are not synonymous. Inclusion means educating students with disabilities in general education classrooms…Much discussion and controversy and many misconceptions have arisen regarding the inclusion of students with disabilities in general education classrooms” (Heward, 2009, p. 76).

Review the section in your course text,”Arguments For and Against Full Inclusion” (pp. 77, 80–82), including Figure 2.6 with characteristics of inclusive education and Figure 2.7 with the Council for Exceptional Children’s (CEC) policy on inclusive education. Consider these questions as you read:

What arguments or expert opinions, for or against, full inclusion make the most sense to you?

Which arguments or expert opinions do you disagree with?

How does your current understanding of child development influence your views?

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