Week 12 Individual Work:Final Paper

| January 30, 2017


Instructional Objectives for this activity:

Examine terrorism, wars and weapons, and global violence deterrence

Analyze what human rights are, and how the violations of woman’s rights are addressed by the international community.

Week 12 Individual Work:Final Paper (300 Points) The final for this course is comprehensive and worth about one – third of your points for the course, thus it is expected that you will adhere to all assignment prompts in order to maximize your available points. It is designed to incorporate several different themes or learning objectives from the course into a comprehensive analysis that is designed to measure how well you understand the material we have covered and how well you can apply it. For the final, you will construct a paper of8 – 10 double – spaced pages ,exclusive of a cover page, abstract, reference page, etc. In other words, the body of your work encompasses at least eight full pages, double – spaced. Then you are to provide a fully annotated bibliography that lists a minimum of six (6) academically acceptable sources , including the textbook. These sources cannot include Wikipedia or other non – academic sources. All proper APA citation throughout the paper must be followed. The textbook spends a great deal of time discussing security…International Security, Economic Security, and Human Security. The textbook also presents numerous conflicting theories or levels of analysis to explain war and conflict. For example, on an individual – level analysis (page 136) the textbook suggests war is an innate human flaw, and that we are predisposed to war and violence as a species. Yet, it also posits the counterargument to that theory in that if this is true, why isn’t war constant? What would explain peace? The textbook also discusses transplanting democracy (page 135) and posits the theory that democratic stability ensure s peace between nations, hence transplanting or developing democracies abroad is a means by which to secure peace and security at home. Assignment: Divide Your Paper Into Three Distinct Parts As Follows: In several areas of the book, it quotes Hans Morgenthau as saying, ” All states are either preparing for, recovering from, or engaged in war. ” As such, respond to the following: 1. Pick a theory or level of analysis that you believe most completely represents the causes for conflict and war between nation – state s. It does not have to be one of the examples used above and can be any of the theories/levels of analysis discussed in the textbook. Discuss the characteristics and reasoning behind this theory. 2. Apply your chosen theory or level of analysis to any war or conflict of the last 50 years in which the United States was directly involved. Explain: a. Why your theory is applicable to this conflict or war. b. What were the root causes of this conflict/war? Use causes of war from the textbook to guide you and support your conclusions with empirical evidence. c. Did this conflict or war result in transplanting a democratic form of government to the area? If so, has it sustained peace for this nation – state? Explain and provide examples. If it did not transplant democracy, has this nation – state been in conflict or war since? What were the causes and outcomes? Does this still fit your theory or level of analysis? Why?3. You are tasked with advising the President of the United States on policy changes to our foreign policy and defense strategies that seek to minimize conflict or war in this century while still protecting our interests and way of life. You are to advise the president on the design of a new policy or modification of the existing policy to address the issues raised in the textbook regarding: a. International Security – how do we protect our interests at home and abroad under this new policy you are proposing to the president in a manner that minimizes the chances of conflict or war? Or is war inevitable? Why? b. Economic Security – how does this new policy you are proposing protect our economic interests at home and abroad and minimize our chances of conflict or war over limited global resources? c. Human Security – how does this policy protect not only America and American citizens, but still uphold our values and morals as a nation? If you look at the chart on Page 315 of the textbook, genocide and human rights violations are an on – going occurrence. Can the U.S. maintain neutrality with regards to human rights and still claim our ideals and moral high – ground as a nation and as a people? If so, how? If not, how can the U.S. “police” the entire world to prevent human rights violations? Your paper can be evenly divided between these three topics or it can be more heavily focused on one or more of these three topics, as long all three are adequately discussed, analyzed, and defended with empirical evidence. Use of outside sources is not only encouraged, but advised. This assignment can be completed using only the textbook, but the mo re sources you provide to defend your thesis and level of analysis, the more credibility your work takes on. You are encouraged to incorporate as many of the theories and concepts discussed in the book as are applicable to your paper. This is a large assignment and worth a considerable amount of points, thus it is advised that you begin your research and formulating your papers early within the course. Instructor guidance is always available.

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