Website Usability & Link Highlight

| June 3, 2016

Answer should be original, and similarity (plagiarism) not more than 10% this is very important otherwise I will be in trouble.Answer should be a clear explanation and should be clear understanding (500 words). Answer should be references on Harvard style (Not use Wikipedia) should be Academic Articles or books.When use citation from any reference please keep it between “citation” (Author,Year),please citation should be not more than 5% As reference you can use the following book:Chapman, N. and Chapman, J. (2009), Digital Multimedia, 3rd edition, John Wiley & Sons, ISBN10: 0470858907 ISBN13: 978-0470858905
2 different assignments to be done (2 papers with 500 words each)
Assignment 1:
Website Usability
How would you structure a questionnaire to discover how useable a website is? Develop a set of five criteria (and justify them). Apply it on a website of your choice. Report on the results
Assignment 2:
Link Highlight
How can we encourage users to follow particular links? What characteristics of the user does it depend upon (if any)?
Note: the question is related to usability issues and not to marketing topics (such as SEO, advertisement, etc.) – the focus is on a regular Web page and not on search results.

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