We believe it is critical that your candidacy reflect the interests, experiences and pursuits that are most important to you. To this end, is there anything else you would like us to know?

| February 4, 2016

We believe it is critical that your candidacy reflect the interests, experiences and pursuits that are most important to you. To this end, is there anything else you would like us to know?
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This is a essay based on the prompt, i want the writer to proof read and edit the essay, keep the length of the essay about 700 word max
technology entrepreneur, since the age of 13 i have coded websites, video games and apps for self entertainment, but i realized that i could used the knowledge and skills to help others. i started a non-profit business to help people in my community who needed help with technology issues at home. i also built and run a website for my high school business class.

At age 6 this was the first time I ever saw a computer, I had no idea what it was or what it can do but I was so curious to turn it on. With a simple push of a button the monitor opened up,the screen completely captured my attend and i became very curious and fascinated. The sound of the operating system when the computer turned on was intriguing to my eyes, my heart began to beat faster; infact the sounds produced by the computer attracted me the most, the clicking of the mouse and the melody when shutting down. I was only using the computer to browse the web and play video games online in the beginning, however that changed when I moved to a new home in Massachusetts. On a cold Monday night my mom sent me to take the trash out, when I dropped off the trash my neighbor who was also getting rid of his trash asked me if I wanted a book “how to code in HTML for Dummies “ I quickly replied “sure thanks “ with an hard not to notes accented anyhow; thus beginning my quest for coding. Even though in the beginning i had a hard time reading in English i was able to teach myself HTML, CSS and JavaScript the three main languages for building a solid website and later on I taught myself how to code in PHP, C# ,Java ,MySql and other related languages.

During the summer before i become a freshman i created a website called PredatorGames, (www.predator-games.com), i originally built this site to show and play video games i made with my friends online, as a matter of fact the site became more meaningful to during my freshman year in high school.

i took a business class called YTE my freshman year, learning about how websites improves businesses , i volunteered to create a website for the class, i realize that i could used the skill of programming and web designed to help people in the community, later on in the semester we voted as a class to start a non profit company in my school, we helped fix computers and other in home electronics devices, starting and maintaining this site taught me how to be a leader, take leadership in and out of class, communication and business skill.

So As a class we chose to start technology repair shop, we would come into class and fix computers, phones and printers from students, teachers and the community. I have worked and fixed many electronics device but the one that stood out to me the most was a computer given to us by a old lady, who said here computer turn of randomly every time she uses it. Before i Begun working on it, the lady talked to me about why this computer is so important to her “this computer was given to us by my grandson who is in the army serving right now, the computer has all the pictures of him from his baby picture to the him getting married, it is so important to the family” i did not realize how much trust people put into you when you’re fixing things, the emotion and person connections the owner has with the objects. With a heavy deep breath i push the power button, the computer starts up for about a minute and goes off, i quickly disconnect the power cable to avoid any internal damage. i dismantle the computer to look for any sign of damage. at first site the computer looks tho there is no problem how ever when i began checking the cable, many of them here lose. i completely dismantle the computer this time and began putting everything back together from scratch. i turn on the computer but yet again it when off by it self. I concluded that the power supply might be the problem, i took out the old one and gave it a extra power supply we had, and this time everything work like a charm. i called and told her she can pick it up anytime, i was really glad that i was able to help her get back parts of her grand son’s memories.

Working on that case and coming out succesfully real boosted my confidence level while solving computer issues.Yet again i was glad people came to us instead of many of the computer repair shop in my town here the charge rediclude amount of money for a small things,. i continued this business until the end of my sophomore year, word about us quickly spread to the elderly community. when a problem is presented to who no matter how difficult it is just like fixing a computer, every problem has a solution.

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