Washington State Univ MGMT 301 Decision Making Pinto Case (2015)

| June 14, 2016

For this unit, you will complete a team project based on the Pinto Fire case. Please use the “First Team Assignment” discussion forum to discuss any and all details of this first team project (e.g. organization of the paper, task assignment among team members, deadlines for task completion, etc) with your sub-team members. Suppose you are a member of a review team tasked with the responsibility to analyze Ford’s decision-making process and to make recommendations for change to prevent further recall disasters. Write a report, mainly using concepts you learned from the textbook for this unit (use the Case Study as extra material for this assignment), to answer the following questions:

1. Identify specific decision-making biases which contributed to the flawed decision to produce the Pinto and not recall it.

2. Describe communication errors and identify sources of noise which hindered decision makers.

3. What ethical considerations were overlooked in the decision? Do you think the decision makers were unethical? Explain.

4. Did the team fall prey to groupthink? Explain.

5. Make recommendations on changes that should be made to prevent this type of scenario from repeating itself. I will give you considerable latitude here. I know that we do not know much about the internal workings of Ford so it would be hard to know if the recommendations are practical or feasible. Try to be reasonable.

6. While your team may or may not agree with the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, please incorporate your ideas for CSR that Ford Managers could have incorporated in their decision making process. Do not make this a major focus or your report. It can be a minor section (1 small paragraph) or a larger section (if you are a proponent).

Format Instructions

8 pages, double spaced, with a normal 12-point font and 1-inch margins. You must also include citations and a reference page. Grammar and spelling count.

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