Was Peter the Greatinterested in the welfare of his people, ora tyrant, concerned

| March 31, 2017

Essay: Subject early modern European history after 1600.

Please choose write an essay one of the following questions. APA format with two book reference around 900 words.

1. Did Peter the Great make Russia more modern?

2. Was Peter the Greatinterested in the welfare of his people, ora tyrant, concerned only with promoting his own glory?

3. Discuss the contributions of Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton to the Scientific Revolution. Which do you think made the most important contributions and why?

4. What didFrancis Bacon contribute to the foundation of scientific thought?

5. How would you define the term Scientific Rev­olution? In what ways was it truly revolution­ary? Which is more enduring, a political revolu­tion or an intellectual one?

6. How did Isaac Newton reconcile his scientific discoveries with his faith in God? Compare his experience with that of Galileo or Pascal. Arereason and faith compatible?

7. Compare and contrast the political philosophiesof Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. How dideach view human nature? Would you rather live under a government designed by Hobbes or by Locke? Why?

Did the Enlightenment change European politics or economy to any significant extent?

Did women play a significant role in the Enlightenment?

Requirement for essay:

Develop a clear and concrete thesis rather than merely a descriptive or narrative account. Good sources and careful research are essential to writing a good thesis. Weak sources and poor research will produce a weak essay, even one which is based on a good question. Your task is to develop a coherent and unified answer to a concrete question based on adequate research. Put the essay question under the title to your essay.

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