Visual Basic Net Programming Coursework Brief Handout: [Time (am/pm),

| June 14, 2018

Visual Basic Net Programming Coursework Brief Handout: [Time (am/pm), Date Month Year] Deadline for Submission: [2:00 pm, 17th April 2017] Submit this coursework through the Student Portal with a Turn-it-in Report Word Limit: Learning outcomes assessed: 1. Design and develop programs including internet programs deploying visual basic Net applications. 2. Implement user interfaces with relation to object orientated programming techniques and use classes and assemblies to make code reusable and extendable. 3. Use visual tools ADO.NET objects and basic Structured Query language to access and manipulate data. This coursework is worth 50% of the total marks for this module. Coursework Instructions Please read carefully • Carefully read the module handbook, the marking criteria and the grade descriptors. Academic Misconduct You are responsible for ensuring you understand the policy and regulations about academic misconduct. You must: • Complete this work alone except where required or allowed by this assignment briefing paper and ensure it has not been written or composed by or with the assistance of any other person. • Make sure all sentences or passages quoted from other people’s work in this assignment (with or without trivial changes) are in quotation marks, and are specifically acknowledged by reference to the author, work and page.   Blank   Assignment Questions This Assignment is based on the following scenario. It is designed to go through the process of developing a VB.Net program (i.e. analysis, design, implementation, testing and documentation). The task also requires your reflection on the development process. Your assignment consists of two tasks: Task one is to develop an Information System for Silver Oaks International Academy. Task two is to analytically reflect on your experience in achieving task one above. Task 1 THE SCENARIO Silver Oaks International Academy is a big school with student strength of over 1000. This number is increasing at a rapid pace with each passing day. The Management of the school is concerned with the increasing effort in keeping the records of the students and recording their activities. The school also keeps the information of its employees. With the growth in the number of students each year, the School Management thinks the manual system to handle the student registration is badly chosen and is concerned with the overload on the administration. With the growth in the number of students each year, the Senior Management of ‘Silver Oaks International Academy’ has decided to shift to a computerized School Management and Information System which may keep the records of its students, employees, library and may also be able to generate the payroll. Besides, it may be able to efficiently handle the Student Evaluation track and student feedbacks. You have been asked to design a sub system to manage student registration at the school. The sub system will be part of the central School Management and Information System. The sub system must run a database that contains all of the data relevant to the students at the school. It should provide functionalities to enrol new students, delete student record, update and save their details. You must develop the requirements below, which are essential to run basic operations. The system will be mainly used by administration staff. Administration Staff will have the capabilities to: 1. Store information related to students in one table. 2. Enrol new students. 3. Update students’ information such as address or telephone number. 4. Delete students’ details. 5. View students’ records. 6. Scroll through records. For this assignment you are required to develop a fully working program in Visual Basic.Net providing visual front end and Database (MS AccessSQL) at the backend to store records. The Graphical User Interface should have an aesthetically pleasing design. Your design should reflect your knowledge of VB.Net language constructs. In addition, you must ensure that the program is errors free. Internal documentation is essential in real life assignment development to ease any future maintenance and additional requirements. Therefore, your code should take this in consideration for example, using sensible names for variables and adding sufficient comments or remarks on program code. Task 2 Self-Reflective Commentary Your second task is to write a self-reflective commentary (approx. 800 words +-10%) about the design and development experiences you had while undertaking the assignment. Your commentary should critically explore the work you have done to produce your assignment. You should reflect on: 1. Your research as you produced your assignment. 2. The decisions you made as you worked on your assignment.

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