Victimology Week 6 Class Discussion 1 and 2

| June 13, 2018

Private Investigation I
Week 6 Class Discussion
(6b) Private investigators have developed
national and international organizations to network and develop their resumes.
Research a national or international organization of private investigators and
discuss how, through networking and training, you can maintain a high level of
proficiency in your specific field. What type of training is available for
specialties such as computer forensics? When you respond to your fellow
students, suggest sources that may help them.VictimologyWeek 6 Class Discussion(4e) Victimization can not be totally
prevented; even the best crime prevention efforts are not guarantees against
crime. Reactive responses to victimization include community programs and laws
implemented in response to a crime problem (Meadows, 2014). To prepare for this
week’s graded activities, please review the study guide for this week. It will
give you a brief summation of the material for this lesson. This is not a
comprehensive list of the information, so you will still need to read the
textbook.For this week’s class discussion, please
respond to the following questions: Explain victims’ compensation. What rights
are afforded to victims? Why are both of these important?

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