Using the gross pay in the payroll file

| October 14, 2019

1. Using the gross pay in the payroll file, check the totals for the whole file.   
2. Determine if any employees are being paid more than $2,500 gross pay and print a report of such employees with full details including their name, work department and job description.  
3. In preparation for the design of a sampling plan, analyze the composition of the employee gross pays using stratification. Include a summary of gross pays for each work department.  
4. Produce a report showing the work department, employee number, full name, gross pay per period, pay date and cheque number for each paid employee. Sort and subtotal this report by work department.  
5. Produce a report showing the details of any employee not paid.   
6. Produce a report showing the pay details for any paid employee who is not on the employee master file.   
7. Identify and briefly discuss any issues that suggest the possibility of fraud.  
8. Recommend, with reasoning, internal controls that will limit the possibility of fraud.  

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