Using the following data, complete the balance sheet.

| December 11, 2017

Complete the balance sheet A partially completed balance sheet for Blue Co., Inc., as of January 31, 2011, follows. Where amounts are shown for various items, the amounts are correct.AssetsLiabilities and Owners’ EquityCash$ 700Note payable$________Accounts receivable________Accounts payable3,400Land________Automobile________Total liabilities$________Less: AccumulatedOwners’ equitydepreciation________Common stock$ 8,000Retained earningsTotal owners’ equity$________Total assets$________Total liabilities + owners’ equity$________Required:Using the following data, complete the balance sheet.a. Blue Co.’s records show that current and former customers owe the firm a total of $4,000; $600 of this amount has been due for more than a year from two customers who are now bankrupt.b. The automobile, which is still being used in the business, cost $18,000 new; a used car dealer’s Blue Book shows that it is now worth $10,000.Management estimates that the car has been used for one-third of its total potential use.c. The land cost Blue Co. $11,000; it was recently assessed for real estate tax purposes at a value of $15,000.d. Blue Co.’s president isn’t sure of the amount of the note payable, but he does know that he signed a note.e. Since Blue Co. was formed, net income has totaled $33,000, and dividends to stockholders have totaled $19,500.

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