Upload a word doc following the simple list on slide 4.

| September 12, 2019

Upload a word doc following the simple list on slide 4. Remember the key issue with the map is to very specifically show the key claims of all your topic sentences. The map cannot be one sentence because it is too much to cram into one sentence. The intro map really tells the story; you can tell right away from people’s maps how specific the whole project is and how well the triangle fits together (the aspects of the rhetorical situation they have constructed). I would review all the different Topic Sentence models for audience, genre conventions, pathos, etc.- try to see how your own Topic Sentence claims compare to the samples in terms of specificity. I copied some below just for the sake of convenience 🙂 Worth 3 points. Due by 2pm Tuesday.


While the most important demographics of my audience included their age range from 18-22, their geographic location in California, and their parents’ median household income of $65,000-$100,000, the most important personality trait I targeted was their low tolerance for ambiguity, and so I showed my audience how this craving for clarity became the downfall of those involved in the Fyre fiasco.

Genre Conventions:

One important convention of the product advertising genre whether print, visual, or audio advertising includes the use of lifestyle fantasy, and so in my radio script for teeth whitening strips I attached the product to the lifestyle fantasy of a confident and successful business person to persuade my audience that their tooth color affects performance and public perception.


In my Fyre Festival film review I used pathos by engaging my audience’s love and hate for a popular media figure, and I also created sympathy for the laborers to show them how the scam portrayed had more significant consequences than those associated with the disgruntled concert attendees

I need a map like slide 4 in powerpoint and Audience: Genre Conventions: Pathos: like above. Thank you!

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