UOP Business Law Practice Quiz 1 (2014 Fall D Term 6)

| August 31, 2016


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A bill is a federal statute passed by Congress and signed into law by the president.




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Which equitable maxim favors those who exercise caution in pursuing their claims and disfavors those who rest on their legal rights by failingto act to protect their rights in a reasonable period of time?

Substance over form

Equity aids the vigilant

Doctrine of stare decisis

Clean hands doctrine


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In rem jurisdiction occurs when a court uses its quasi in rem jurisdiction to compel a litigant to appear in court by attaching property thatbelongs to the litigant.




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Which of the following is true of subject matter jurisdiction on the basis of diversity of citizenship?

A diversity-of-citizenship situation involves only those issues pertaining to countries which recognize dual citizenship.

In a diversity-of-citizenship case, a federal court will apply state law.

A diversity-of-citizenship situation involves issues governed by federal statutes or federal common law.

In a diversity-of-citizenship case, the amount in controversy must not exceed $75,000.


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In a business context, legal counsel is not only a primary and important source of information and advice but is also solely responsible formaking decisions about how to resolve a dispute.




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Ted is on trial for murder. The prosecution must provide _____ evidence in order to secure Ted’s conviction.






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Business ethics is a matter of dealing with dilemmas that always have a clear indication of what is right or wrong.




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Understanding which primary and secondary stakeholders will be affected is part of the _____ stage of the ethical decision-making process.

implementation and evaluation

developing choices

applying standards

identifying impact


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Which of the following is true of a property sublease?

In a sublease, a subleasee does not receive the full legal benefits of a tenancy.

In a sublease, a tenant is not bound to the original lease agreement even if the landlord does not release the tenant from thatparticular obligation.

In a sublease, a tenant transfers her interests to a subleasee for a term that is less than the remaining term of the original lease.

In a sublease, a tenant transfers her interests to a subleasee for the entire remaining length of the term of the original lease.


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According to the landlord-tenant agreement, Ray’s monthly rent includes his electricity and water bills. Daniel, the landlord, has failed to paythe bills for almost four months as a result of which the supply of water and electricity has been stopped in Ray’s apartment. Ray hasreminded his landlord to pay the bills several times. In this case, which of the following is true?

Ray’s right to possession has been violated.

Ray’s right to habitability has been violated.

As a tenant, Ray can terminate the lease but will have a legal liability to Daniel.

As a tenant, Ray can sue Daniel but cannot terminate the lease before it ends.

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